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Friday, February 28, 2014

Dial Vitamin Boost Body Wash Review and Giveaway!!

Can I first just say that...this stuff smells amazing!!! I am one of those people that, I don't care how good it is for you, if it doesn't smell good I do not want it. When I got this in the mail you better believe that the first thing I did was open it up and smelled it....YUMMY!!
Ok, so with that being said, I put it in my kids bath tub. I told my 2 oldest boys (7 and 6) that they are to use this when they take their next shower and to tell me what they think of it. I chose to use it on them first because they are getting to the age already where they are starting to smell like.....boys. So, that night they took a shower and used it. When they got out and I already knew I liked it!! I smelled the soap and not them! :) **Happy Mommy**
They exclaimed how much they liked it! They liked the smell, they liked the color, and they liked how it made them feel more grown up (they were still using baby soap before this).Well it is still in their bathroom, but even though they think it is theirs, I totally use it when I take a bath. It makes my kids smell less like male kids and it draws in moisture to keep my skin hydrated.

This particular body wash I got is lotion infused and has vitamin B in it. Vitamin B is a natural humectant that helps draw in the moisture. This is great news to me since I unfortunately have eczema  and so does my oldest son. It seems like we use lotion a hundred times a day to help fight off our dry skin, but now that we are using a body wash made with vitamin B it doesn't seem like we apply lotion quite as much. I hope that with more time of using it we will only use our lotion less and less each day.

I really do like this product. If you would like to try it for free please enter into the giveaway below for a chance to win a coupon for a free product!
-2 coupons for free Dial Vitamin Boost Body Wash
-1 coupon for free Dial for Men Power Scrub Body Wash

The first person drawn will get first pick at the Power Scrub or the Vitamin Boost.

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