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Monday, October 14, 2013

Spirit of Lost Angels Review

 Spirit of Lost Angels
By: Liza Perrat

This book is wonderful, the story is totally captivating. It is about SO MUCH. Set in the late 1700's it talks of the king and queen and the people's hatred of them throughout the story. It is mainly about women's empowerment. This book actually moved me to tear a few times.


     It starts with Victorie losing her 2 younger siblings (twins) in a storm in which a lightning started fire makes a tree fall on their home. A few years later she loses her father in a horrible accident in which a noble runs over him w/o even looking back.  After that her mother (who is a healer) loses her faith in God. Being the time it is set in with her being a healer and turning her back on God the town starts looking on her with suspicion. Within a few more years she is executed by drowning in the typical witch testing way.  During all her years there is this family that is the wealthiest (but still peasant) that they are involved with, she is in love with the son. She is told she can never get a suitable dowry and will never have him. At 17 she is sent to be a servant in Paris. She is raped and impregnated and forced to abandon her child at an orphanage.
    She goes back home to marry her true loves father after his wife died birthing their 13th child. It is very hard for both her and Leon but his father Armand is a truly good man and she soon comes to love him. She has a little girl that almost dies because of poverty. Then twins. She comes up with an idea to save them all after the first child almost died and it works until the volcano, Laki, erupted causing problems with the weather and crops, killing an estimated 6 million people, a fact I actually looked up. Not in the book. Then her husband is injured and dies a long painful death. She is completely devastated and loses herself in depression, so much so that while at the river she dozes off and her twins drown (a fact which is hidden until the end) She is sent to prison for child murder. While there she is tortured and beaten, but eventually comes out of it and showing her education which her mom provided her with ends up being the maid of a lady that is in there for theft but is very rich because of the theft she never gave up the location of so they live well. They have a lesbian relationship. They escape and she goes off on her own and ends up a playwright. It is set during a lot of the revolution. Eventually she is able to go home and she has a lot of money from the prisoner chick and remakes her world. The last of this book is too detailed to really explain starting with her imprisonment. After returning home she reopens her Inn and her daughter that she gave up finds her and its over.

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