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Friday, October 11, 2013

Old El Paso

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 What better way to say dinner to 4 hungry kids than to say "Tacos are ready!" Old El Paso  has new Stand 'N Stuff soft flour tortillas that are perfect for meals like this. Along with their new Mexican cooking sauces (OMG Yummy!!!) you can totally give taco night a new look!

 I received everything in the above pictures (except the taco seasoning) for free for my personal and honest opinion. I bought the taco seasoning because I wanted to be sure that if my children were not interested in the Mexican Cooking Sauce that i knew they would eat regular taco meat.

Well....as you can tell HAPPY faces all around!

Also in my shopping trip (when I bought the taco seasoning) I purchased regular flour tortillas. I wanted to see what were the Pros and the Cons of each tortilla. 

 The Stand 'N Stuff kinda had me thinking that I wouldn't be able to put as much in my taco as I thought that I would have, but.....
I am not even kidding I put at least DOUBLE what I could put in a regular tortilla and I didn't even have to worry about rolling or folding it up to eat it! They are a lot easier to hold and set down too. They come 8 in a pack and they did not last long with these children so we had to use the regular tortillas as well. 
This meal was easy and simple to cook and put together and I know my kids and I are looking forward to this again!!