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I am a 26 year old Wife and Mother. I have been married for almost 8 years and I have 4 beautiful kids who keep me hopping and very busy!

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Moving!!!! UGH!....Procrastinating??

      Sorry for not being on my blog recently. I have had the privilege to perform the most daunting task of moving, not from 1 but 2 houses! I will never understand how people can become professional movers. That is a job of love in my opinion. You have to have the care and eye for detail to know how to wrap and pack and make sure that nothing gets broken. I am a procrastinator. I will pack a box here a box there. I will pack 4 boxes this day and 3 the next. When it comes down to the wire.... i throw everything in a box and just get it done. I know that i will regret the fact i do that but its the consequence of being a procrastinator. Then of course when it comes to unpacking its almost the feeling of "my 5 year old packed this....not me!" I would hope that after moving for the 12th time in 8 years that i would at least have this down pat by now. Like i said...i truly believe that it is an art that i just simply do not posses.
     I just read this really good article by The Daily Mind on How to Stop Procrastinating and Get Things Done Now .As i Read this article i realize that there is more to me putting things off than I had originally thought....ugh....more to work on along with unpacking!! lol So with taking this article to heart and really wanting to make this a new challenge in my life i am going to do a Procrastination Makeover!!
      Ok. The first question is where to start this little makeover.....i have a ton of weak areas in my life with the house being number one.
        1. House
        2. Grocery Shopping
        3. Vehicles
I feel quite comfortable with the 3 that will begin this adventure.
        1. House
             B. Laundry
             C. Picking up
             D. Unpacking
The main idea that i have gotten from this article is "take it from Nike and "just do it""
So i think for the next week (starting Friday Aug 2nd) I am just going to DO THE DISHES. I am going to try to do what i normally do while DOING THE DISHES, but my main focus is just to DO THE DISHES. I am hoping that this "just do it" attitude really does make a difference. If it does make a difference I would most definately give a shout out to my big sister Jamie who, from the get go, has always told me her secret to getting stuff done. Just do it. Also to my Mother, Kelley, I love you and i wish i could have been with you through your treatments so that you would never have felt alone. Rest In Peace and in complete pain free. I will see you someday, but for now say "hi" and "i love you" to Uncle Dave and Grandpa. :)

I will be posting on how this is really working for me. So now.....i must quit procrastinating and get my dishes done before i go to bed!! If you have any comments or ideas i would love to hear them. Also if you have any good stories or experiences please feel free to comment below.